CodeStorm Hackathon'21


All about our Hackathon

CodeStorm held its much-anticipated 72-hour HACKATHON from 22nd to 25th September, 2021. The Hackathon was coordinated on the online platforms of Discord and Zoom. For the very first time in its history, the problem statements were released 15 days before the commencement of the Hackathon. Students from various colleges spanning all over India competed against each other in the domains of Web/App Development, AI/ML and Blockchain to come up with effective and future-ready solutions for their respective problem statements.


Congratulations to all our Winners !


Members: Ananya Garg, Yashna Dawda, Prajwal Dhule, Gaurav Nenwani,Aradhya Talan

Problem statement: A conversational AI-driven Chat-bot for an E-Commerce system.


Members: Amey Bhoite, Meet Bhanushali

Problem statement: Artificial Intelligence / Blockchain in transforming the FinTech Sector.

Stack Underflow

Members: Ruchit Thaker, Unnati Sorathi, Balaji Wadawadagi, Vinisha Adappa, Rishabh Raghuvanshi

Problem statement: AI / Blockchain-driven complete automated E-commerce for online procurement of Medicines.


Activities organised in our Hackathon

Mind-refreshing activities

Although it was a technical event, the Hackathon was loaded with a bunch of fun activities that served as a mind-fresher to the participants, be it the fun and lively Smash Karts gameā€¦

Fun Trivias

...or quick quizzes that were held every three hours during the period of the Hackathon. From Bollywood movies to Harry Potter, these 15-minute quizzes were given a big thumbs up from the participants!

Chill Zone

Since the major part of this event was held on Discord, music channels were created where the participants could add music to the bots online and hang-out together while listening to songs of their choice.


What they're saying about us

This was a new challenge for me . Me and My group came out of our comfort zone and tried to do something which we had zero experience in Blockchain.

The problem statements were in regards to current world scenario through which we are not just developing application from the point of view of the hackathon but also from the view of making it available to people.

Insightful and covered a pretty wide range, gave the developers a nice free space to explore and create.

The hackathon event was beautifully conducted. The staff and all the respected authorities were attentive to each and every detail. Personally I loved it and they made sure no participant faced any issues. Hoping to hear again from CodeStormers.

Glad To Have Such Mentors Who Were Calm, Humble And Could Guide Us In Our 3 Days Journey. Thank You Very Much Mentors, CodeStorm Members & Everyone Else For Such An Amazing Event.

All CodeStorm members were available at all times we needed them, also assigning servers to team was functioned smoothly.Music channels and quizzes in game channel was really refreshing! Thank you :)


Madhav Bahl

Jignasha Dalal

Ali Mustafa

Santosh Yadav